Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 KCU Convocation Invocation

Opening Convocation, Fall 2014
Nash Chapel; Kentucky Christian University
19 August 2014

Almighty God, creator of the universe and provider of grace and mercy, we come before you this morning to ask you to bless our upcoming school year.  We thank you for bringing us to this holy place to share in the radiance of a new academic year. 

However, before we pray for ourselves, we pause for a moment to entreat you to intervene with peace, justice and reconciliation in places like Ferguson, Missouri, Iraq, Syria, and Indonesia.  We pray for those who are suffering as a result of turmoil, for those who stand to protect the innocent, and for those who profit from violence.  May your people courageously rise up to bring restoration the broken and the despairing.  Sustain them with your grace and strengthen them for their mission.

Now, as we turn our thoughts to this new academic year, we pray that we do all things to bring you glory and expand the borders of your kingdom.  We pray that we will seek your presence in and your will for our lives.  Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field or in the professional context, may we strive to be people of courage, compassion and conviction.  Fill us with joy in our learning, joy in our service, and joy in our relationships.

In the name of Christ Jesus, our savior and redeemer, we pray.  Amen.

Rob O’Lynn, ABD

Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry

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